Why Google Suggest is the best Keyword Research Tool EVER!

November 25, 2008

Many internet marketers panicked over Google Suggest “killing the long tail” and things like that.

Google Suggest didn’t kill the long tail…it may just lowered it but didn’t kill it.

But I’m enough of the ‘disadvantages’ of Google Suggest, let’s take a look at the ADVANTAGES.

Say you’re selling “learn japanese” product or promoting it as an affiliate.

I like to call this method the “keyword expansion” method. Here’s why.

Let’s type learn Spanish in Google


See those items like learn spanish fast, learn spanish software etc?

The key here is to TYPE YOUR MAIN keyword (learn Spanish).


Then TYPE ALL THE LETTERS FROM THE ALPHABET. Yeah, all the letters. Wanna know why?



See the power? From one main keyword we got the “long tails”…

You can try this on ANY KEYWORD. Let’s say you’re promoting UFC tickets and your primary keyword is “UFC tickets”. If you type that, leave space and then type all the letters from the alphabet it will give you ALL THE MAJOR CITIES where people are looking for UFC tickets.

This may sounds simple but you know how they say…the simplest things are the ones with most power.